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WeClipper provides professional photoshop image background removal service covering any kind of complexity like custom background, drop shadow or complex removal.
You are not satisfied with existing image background? Even you think another background will perfectly be suited with this image? Send us the image; we will do the background image replacement.
Manupulating an image with right background by cropping the existing one ensuring the right and smooth edges is the job of a Photoshop Expert. You are in the right place to hire one ahead.

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Wanna Cut Out Images?

  • Photo Cut Outs is another alias of Image Background Removal. In case you miss our page in web; we have decided to include it here.
  • You are broke by constantly missed delivery schedules and the requirements you gave were not thoroughly followed. So your business collapsed and lost thousands of clients already. Well, no more worries! WeClipper is here to provide you guaranteed image/photo background removal service in time with highest possible quality.
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100% Quality Assured

We understand our customer wants quality products from us and don’t worry we have 100% quality guarantee for our valuable customers.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We have 10000+ satisfied customer because we understand our customer’s expectation. Our team working hard and updating their working technique to continue the process.

Right Price & Best Quality

We are always here to support you along with our best quality and our affordable price policy. Allow us to help you to run a successful business.

Quick Turnaround Time

We have many years of experience in photo editing service and we are always trying to improve our innovation and creativity. We also support unlimited revision until our customer satisfied with our work.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Image Background Removal Service?

Image Background Removal Service is a technique of removing the background of an image to erase the undesired things out of it. I know you have noticed some pictures have a dark background which makes the whole picture to look dreary and dull. So in that case, you need to remove the unwanted background and replace it along with a vibrant and beautiful background making it look exciting and happening.

Professional background removing or image editing is not an easy task and not everyone has the skills to make out this task flawlessly. And when it comes to removing the background of an image, experienced and skilled person are important. You know, Photoshop is one such software which helps professional to remove the deadly backgrounds from an image. Background removal is done to enhance the beauty of a picture and make it look perfect in every facet. I think you know, the background removing is a really hard task especially when an image’s background is complicated which cannot be edited with a single click.

It is an oftentimes used image manipulation process, used to wipe the unwanted background from the image. If you are thinking to advertise a product where a number of other undesired things exit what you never mean to show; especially this happens when you are trying to catch the marketplace for your product on an e-commerce website.

Changing background from an image helps to change the whole look of an image. It looks more attractive and you know eye catchy images will help you to attract more customers to boost your sales. We have professional team who have 15+ years of experience and they know how to edit your images professionally. We promise your work will be done within short time along with full proficiency. And again we charge an affordable price so that our customers stay with us to get our all editing services.


How It Works?

Image Background Removal Service is simply & Purposely developed for Photographers, Agencies, E-Commerce Website & Online Retails Stores to remove the unwanted things from an image and getting photos done professionally!

It has some simple process to be done which you need to follow:

  • Login or register to your account
  • Click on the order now or free trial button
  • Upload your Files
  • Pay and submit your orders

What is the major function are provided by the Background remove service?

Our professional are always here to help you to boost our customer’s business. Let’s check out our step by step process to make an attractive image.

Putting images in the perfect background:

Sometimes the image does not look perfect because of bad background and it may affect your sale. For this reason, background removing service assumed for solving all the problem for matching with the nice and perfect background. And we are happy to provide the worked images in the transparent background which will help you to use the image on your desired project.

Give a professional touch for the whole image:

Sometimes photographers captured images can suffer from poor lighting and shadows which will make the image look bad for your business. For making the image more real, skillful and perfect most of the photographers want to add some altitude around the subject. Some photographers want to use a completely different or a dramatic background like black white or any solid color. If we are done we will also provide you psd for completing more edit on the picture if you want.

For cutting out the undesirable things from a picture

Photographers don’t need to concern about the background of their captured images. They can completely change the background look as they wanted. Weclipper is here for helping you for completing this difficult task easily and quickly. Our background removal service can get out small objects and can get back the images quickly. Our expert team knows how to satisfied customers. That’s why they also use other services for making the image more perfect and attract more customer to boost your sale.

What is the Price for Background Remove service?

As we said we are offering service at reasonable price. But there is another thing you need to know, we are offering a different price for different photos which depending on the difficulty level of your image. If you need to know the correct price for your products then contact our expert team. We have 24/7 support for any kind of help for our customers. Without this service, we also have other services like Drop shadow, image masking, image manipulation, background removing, and image retouching service to attract more customer and boost your revenue. We are also providing special discount for bulk images.

We know you want the best for your business and our expert team always use latest techniques to retouch your images and remove the backgrounds and we believe in offering satisfying results every time you ask us. You can try our free trial for three images which helps you to understand our quality of work. Get effortless feedback on your queries and benefit the best services.

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