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Are you looking for Deep Etching service with complete perfection and professionalism? You are in right place to get started!
WeClipper doesn’t offer too many services…because we are not expert in too many things. We do whatever you do well. Let our experts handle your iimages.
May other companies out there offering cheaper deep etching services available. But, I am sorry, we won’t compromise the prices as quality is our motto!

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  • Unlike other deep etching service providing company, we understand where you place the images, who your customers are, what your selling website looks like and then process the images according to your end users need. We are different!
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  • Unlimited revisions are being provided for each images you send us to deep etch.
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How We Different From Other?

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We do everything manually without any software and we are providing the best price for our customer projects rest than other.

Quality Service

We don’t compromise quality because quality service is our strength to maintain our position on the market. And our expert team has many years of experience and know how to ensure high quality of your objects.

Unlimited Revision

Our Graphic designer know our customer has different expectations from us! To understand their thoughts and feeling we have unlimited revision option for any kind of image format.

Satisfaction guaranteed

Customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal. We know without customer satisfaction we will not be the best in the market. See, we are the best because we ensure 100% customers satisfaction without any condition.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Deep Etching Service?

Deep Etching refers to a graphic design term which helps to describe the way of removing a special section of a photograph or pictures from its background to let it stands alone, which means that you can use your desired part in a different way or on another background. Deep Etching is used for separating image areas from backgrounds for print. Typical it is used for advertising your products with sales text and various colored backgrounds in print material.

We are the renowned Deep Etch services provider around the world along with 10000+ satisfied customers. To manipulate your pictures for deep etching we are always here to support you and attract more targeted customer for your business.

As I said, Clipping path, as well as deep etching service, is mostly used to separate a special part of a picture from its background. Our professional photo editor only uses the latest tools and image editing techniques to make an exact selection of part of your image to change the color of an image background.

The whole work is done by manually using the professional hand. They know how to zoom in and go over each edge of your selection by hand and also make sure that our path is pixel perfect. After they complete their task, we return a source file with our exact selection, even your choice of high-quality photo format with the background and subject separated.

Our service is somewhere known as clipping path or clipping mask which makes a clear selection around the part of your picture. Our team will save this selection and send it to you, enabling you to cut out the portion of your image. And this part will let you remove the background and you will be able to use the part of the picture in a different project.

If you choose Deep Etching service then you will be benefited by:

  • We will be able to remove the background from an image of a product which is going to be used for an e-Commerce site.
  • Replace the background of a picture with a more exciting one
  • Copy objects or people from multiple photos for use in a digital attached.
  • Draw attention to part of a picture by applying effects to a subject and background separately

How Is It Done?

Our professional graphic designer uses the pen tool to manually trace your object. While some of our competitors use automation software to make this task easier, we believe in exactness over speed. That’s why our results are accurate to the pixel. Our accurate selections will help you to remove background and objects even seamless editing.

Our team can manage any type of file format like jpg, gif, tiff, png, PSD and more. The higher quality, the better! We also provide our client the edits in Photoshop clipping paths in both original PSD and your choice of compressed format.

How is Deep Etch used in e-Commerce?

I think you know the saying, “Details create the big picture, “according to Sanford Weill, former CEO of Citigroup. We strongly believe details are what separate an amateur from a professional. When you share pictures of your products, what details are you trying to share with your customer? If your pictures have backgrounds, do you know what information do your backgrounds share with your customer? Clipping path service or Deep etching allows you to Isolate your products and their backgrounds effortlessly and will help you to enable and customize each pairing and ensure that you are going to share viewers with the details which you want them to see.

Having high-quality product images will help you to make and creating new ads and promotional material a snap. Want to show all of your product lines? Copy and paste! Like to attach your product to your website’s banner? Click and drag. Our deep etching service allows you to promote your products quickly and easily.

What Images Are Eligible for Deep Etching?

We have many other services like Photo Editing Service, Image Background Removal, E-commerce Image Editing, Image Masking, Image Retouching, Mannequin Removal, Clipping Path photo restoration and photo enhancement. Deep etching is mostly used for images without a lot of ultra-fine detail such as fuzzy hair or transparency. If you are unsure about what kind of photo editing service is best for your product, feel free to ask! And our expert and trained photo retoucher are happy to advise you about which service is best for your project.

We firmly believes in doing things right the first time. If you’re not satisfied with our work, send it back! Our team will redo it and no questions will be asked. As we said, our customer is our first priority. And it is guaranteed for all of our services like.

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