Who We Are?

We are a group of designers and e-commerce entrepreneur from Bangladesh. We have been designing and processing images for our website for last decades. Recently we thought, we only processing world-class images for our e-commerce site; why not sharing our expertise with the world? So, we built WeClipper.

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What We Do?

When we work; we group ourselves in two parts. One part is responsible for the planning of the images, designs and a visual demo of how it will look like for the end user/visitor. And the part is responsible for clipping and editing the images following the plan and guidelines of the previous group.

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What We Are Specialized At?

Photo Editing

Photo Editing at Affordable price!

Background Removal

Providing the best image background removal service of this world.

E-commerce Images

We have Ecommerce specialists image designer.

Image Masking

Lets make the image as exactly as you thought.

Image Retouching

We are skilled to give your images new and fresh touch to look way better.

Product Photography

Need complete ecommerce image processing package? Well, it is what we love to work with.

Building your brand

If you want your brand stands out the crowd; then you have to brand everything, like the image you use, the color you have on your site and everything. Let our experts handle that as we have been doing this for years.

Working with the best

Want to work with the most expert-oriented image processing company of this world? Then choose us, the WeClipper. We can’t define ourselves always, but you can. Try us.

Project availability

No matter how vast your requirement is, no matter when you want your images delivered; we are here with our image editing warriors.

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